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LMAO! I'm sure the title made a few people curious. Anyhow, I was wondering if I was being too anal about something. I received my Celebration 2 Disc and the DVD from Amazon. (however Amazon mailed it to me the day AFTER it was released) anyhow. I love it but when I listened to it. Like a Virgin was playing and I said out loud to myself. This in NOT the original it is the version from The Immaculate Collection. I myself love the original it doesn't have that sound before the chorus and that chiming bell sound during the chorus. The original goes 'Can't you feel my heartbeat, for the very first time' at the end. The remix fades before. I thought to myself am I being an asshole? Though I know other fans would know exactly what I'm talking about. I haven't fully played and listened to it all the way through but I think that Erotica might be the version from GHV2.

I'm not disappointed cuz, I got excited hearing 'Express Yourself' cuz that version isn't on Like a Prayer or The Immaculate Collection. Also the version of 4 minutes that was different from Hard Candy was delightful.

I would have liked to heard Where's the Party, Gambler, True Blue, Give it 2 Me, Jump, American Life, Love Profusion, Like it or Not, Rain and some other hits. I guess only 'Real' diehard fans would feel me.

The DVD is great too, but once again am I being too anal?

I hoped it would have had; True Blue, Dear Jessie, American Life (both versions), Bad Girl, the alternate Get Together, Oh Father, Nothing Really Matters. It would have been the bomb if they had included M's American Bandstand performance, or some of her VMA showstoppers and I would have really liked to see her when she blended Billie Jean into her own hits. I'm sure some people feel me.

Anyhow, that is my rant for the day.




Sonic Pressure!


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