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The Dentist pt. 2



So let me just say how tainted the dentist was. I hated it. however the nitrous was decent, however you would never guess the song that comes on when they turn the gas on.........the ***CENSORED*** Macarena! LMAO! at first i was thinking what the f*ck! am i really under some good shit or is macarena blasting in my mind.  well they were really blasting the macarena, then i'm giggling like a dope and having a flashback of me and my sister doing the macarena at our other sister's wedding reception back in 1996 and let me just say, we were tearing it up and this was before the macarena swept the nation and everyone knew it. LMAO. But let me say, unfortunately it was all caught on video, so someday when I become a household name my dreaded Macarena footage might come back and kick my ass.

Anyhow, the appt went decent and I'm not in total pain and my dentist looked like Celine Dion to boot!



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