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Is Madonna a religion?



People often come to ask me what will I do when Madonna dies one day. This is a question they are really eager to hear. Something that has never been asked from her: the trickiest question, the one that pushes the trigger. I felt confused the first time I heard this question: is SHE technically going to die one day? Isn't she immortal? I couldn't answer the question, because I hadn't yet thought about it. Now I can tell that icons aren't actually going to die ever, which is the only true answer one can expect from a true fan. Madonna has grown herself long and powerful roots that have dug deep in the Earth. That is why M isn't going to be washed away.

I get a chance to see her performing live for two hours in two years and I never want to miss those chances. They are extremely important to me. The concerts are moments when I can experience my life in flesh for only two hours. The moments are as holy as going to church is for someone, except you can go to church whenever you want - it's not up to the church. My church isn't open as often as I would like to. My religion is limited.

Fans call their idols gods. I really don't believe in God. He/She is too surreal and difficult to handle. Anyway, I go to church a lot, which is about twice a month, because my friends hang out there. We are able to spend time together in a lot of young people's camps that the church organizes. Isn't that ironic that I go approximately two times per month to the church without actually believing in Him? I have started to think about that even if I live after God's will and still don't believe in The Thing, does it really make me a bad person? I guess it does as I refuse to believe in God. However, I believe in Madonna. She is a true goddess to me. I feel like the concerts are what Mecca gathering is to Islamic people. I believe that we all have the same God after all and we are just analyzing His/Her will differently. Madonna has made me different person compared to what I would be without her. I consider myself as a strong person even if other people tell me every now and then that they find me shy and withdrawn.

It's amazing how she makes me smile again with her music when I'm feeling down. I remember having been super sad and then listening Hung Up. It takes about five minutes to make me self-confident again.

What would I tell Maddy if I met her? Thank you. Those two words are reloaded with way too much of feel. I wonder if she knows how grateful her fans are. I wonder if I know how grateful she is to us.

(you can also find these blog posts form my real blog http://madonna-addicted.blogspot.com)


A man can tell a thousand lies



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