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If it makes you feel good, I say do it!



I'm thrilled, because I have ordered unordinarely much of Madonna stuff! Sometimes I feel true needto buy M stuff, 'cause it makes me feel good. I have ordered a Celebration Maxi-single, Jump single, Music promo cd (11 tracks), Give it 2 me-top, M is my homegirl-cap, Confessions poster, Celebration cd+dvd, S&S tour book, 2009 official calendar and Sticky&Sweet book by Guy! I feel happy.

They say material doesn't make people happy, but Madonna stuff really does... Money itself doesn't make happiness, IT'S THE MATERIAL! I often think about how I feel so relieved after having received Madonna items. It feels like I had donated money for a good cause. If we think about the circulation of money, the money goes first to Live Nation (or similar), then Madonna, M's needs and expences. Maybe she will finally donate my money for some good purpose: to Raising Malawi, AIDS, climate change... I am kind of donating coins through Madonna. How weird is that? I let Madonna decide a good destination for money for me. I wish I wouldn't be financing her and Jesus Luz's honeymoon trips, but I guess I am.

I also find it interesting that I am aware of myself being a part of this huge business called Madonna.She is the poison flower and we silly fans have become addicted to that poison. I know how hard it is to my mother to understand why I need copies of the same cd. Let's take American Life. I bought the normal version of it on the 24th April 2004. After that I bought also the limited one. I have from 3 to 4 different versions of Confessions On A Dancefloor. Each one of them made me feel satisfied. Last week my mother was more or less angry about the Celebration hit collection cd. The cd collection includes songs that I have already heard and have them on my collection. But it is not the same thing. This was also a difficult thing for my boyfriend to understand.

Guess what I am doing with all those comments? I am laughing. I am having fun with my collection. I think it's hilarious to buy the Celebration collection no matter I have the songs on original albums, singles, maxi singles etc... It makes me feel like a real, special fan that is hard to find. Madonna fans are rare, unique. Every sort of fan is unique no matter who or what they admire. We M fans have a own kind of society. When being at a Madonna concert, I feel a strong feeling of togetherness. Like Madonna once said in a concert in Amsterdam: "we are one, don't forget it". That makes me think about the Madonna being a center of business-idea again. She makes sure we are religiously addicted to her. Am I getting crazy?

Now I have counted my Madonna audio stuff together and they are 114! It's a celebration! How could I describe this feeling? I win. It doesn't really make me feel down if someone questions my addiction. It's just unfriendly to comment my passion negatively trying to make me feel unarmed. I comment the unnecessary notes always with a simple light sentence not to excite them. It's very stupid to come say to me "Madonna is an old unrespectful woman. Her music and existency means nothing to me. She should die away" I can't believe that even my dearest friends have said that in front of my face. I have to admit that in that situation I may feel unarmed as it comes from my friend's mouth.

(you can also find these blog posts form my real blog http://madonna-addicted.blogspot.com)

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