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The painting shows Madonna subjugating the irrational - Press



news.jpg“Madonna dressed in red” to embody strength, virility, femininity, and dynamism. It is an ardent color, even enervating. It imposes itself without discretion. It is also a color that represents Madonna’s faith in Kabbalah.

"The painting shows Madonna subjugating the irrational and on the other she becomes entangled with the wildness of nature, affirming herself as a feline leader who continually plans her next ambush.She possesses an exotic, innate talent and a beautiful, gracious and charming appearance. Nevertheless she can be proud, authoritative, and dislike being contradicted." describes Oscar Casares in the catalog that accompanies the artwork.

Madonna, second Oscar, is characterized as extroverted person with high artistic and creative potential, Madonna reveals her wishes and concerns with much intensity. But the painter went further, she needs moments of solitude to reflect and study and has difficulty in showing affection. She may give the impression of being too serious or cold; both of which are not true.  She is shy in showing her love for others.  She is generous and easily moved" summarizes. Oscar's seduction is based on "Madonna's communication power. Her voice captivates millions." J.N


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