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Why Madonna was chosen to be honored in Florence?



“VIRTUES OF THE SOUL AS ECLIPSED BY THE DIVA MADONNA” (detail)Oscar Casares proposed "Madonna" as source of inspiration for the artwork because the year of 2009 is special for the singer. Madonna celebrates 25 years of career. The expert team approved the idea, however, Oscar explains his thinking :
"Besides being the Most Successful Female Artist of All Time, Madonna is able to embrace generations by camouflaging herself in the many personas she interprets, characters with which the world identifies itself. Madonna charismatically externalizes the focal points of human frailty, fighting in a way to break fake moral values, taboos and prejudices -- for example, in the fight against xenophobia, racism, world hunger, deforestation, human rights, an individual’s right to choose, and freedom of expression.

Many question why the youth identify with the way she expresses herself through art.  Madonna is a leader par excellence; a pioneer in valuing freedom and success in all manners as much spiritually as socially.  Her impulsiveness and self esteem, linked to her thirst for independence evoke in the young a reflection of their own desires and expectations not only of themselves, but also of the world that surrounds them.  In a certain way, Madonna assumes the language of those who aspire to see a future free of the diseases that corrupt and destroy the essence of being human.   The new generations also identify themselves with the maternal side of the singer: the “mother” who cares for, teaches, corrects and advices, who wants to love and be loved by all, who encourages the discovery of the secret to happiness through reflection by valuing efficiency and perfection.  Her advice is to espouse the ambition to know a little of everything and to do everything the best way possible." - Oscar 

“Yes, I want people of all ages to be interested in my music.  But only for one reason, no, two… The first is that I have very pertinent messages that I want to pass on.  If children hear them, it would be fantastic.  The second reason is that the more I sell, the more money I make, and the more I can help others.” - Madonna    copy right


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