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A declaration to the Illuminati



I see past your dusty plans
What shall it bring?
New Brands
Out of what think cans

It's really chilling knowing your mind
Too see the NWO group mentality
Is there truth in your so called power?
Has the Illuminati become the lead for the NWO?

So these FEMA Camps Have branded stars of David on the Anti-NWO people.
When is the hour?
Do the tea leaves drift down the gutters?
And what about this 4th Reich rising out of Denver?
Can a microchip control a soul?
Can the entire human race stand for one second without the comforter?

I see a 3rd Temple in Jerusalem and abomination done with in it
I see Obama as a one world leader for the NWO
I see a one world digitized currency
I see a 666 microchip
I see WW4 in 2018
I see it to be sinister

The Oligarchs of the NWO will have their final hour
Your crusty ramparts shall crumble and teter
Then the angels and Saints will dance on your graves
Your gold is utter rust
Your weapons are figments of your imagination
The Zillions of your dollars will feed my camp fires
I will watch the NWO dance in the flames 30 years from now

I tell you give up this endeavor and accept Christ,
Give all your gold to the poor
Salvation will then come to you!!!

Holy Ghost




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