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friday up next



SO tomorrow is my last day at my summer work.. think everyone will be happy to get rid of me since a have been talking on and on about the concert in Helsinki...about thousands of times.


though the other day i had my madonna S&S tour shirt on and for a change they asked about the concert and how i'm feeling right now. so then a was really proud to be able to tell how it was on the first row and how i haven't been able to think about almost anything else because it was a mind blowing experience.

but still going strong with memories from the show and now having the possiblity to follow her tour and to share my thought with u guys is really gr8t! u don't think i'm crazy...right?

sowaiting impatiently on the celebration album because the tidbits right now are looking good..it will be interesting what kind of style it will be, if its in the same as the black and cglitter dress..NICE!

Next week i will start normal every day again so will see how often i get the chance to come here...i think it will work okey...in stead of FB i can come hear and check out what u iconners are posting and what M doing...

Futures looking good ain't it?

M to the A



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