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t-shirt is the best!




SO today i had my M S&S tour shirt on to work... people haven't been that eager to listen to my and my on going talk about how gr8t the show was i Helsinki...i donät understand why someone wouldn't want to hear of it for the 10 time? ;)

but i wanted to put the shirt on because i woke up with into the groove on my mind a immidiately thought of Madde.

TO my surprise this time peole asked me how i'm feeling after bit longer time from the show, how it was and so on. was it easy to get into the front line and early i had to be there...so i had a really good day because i felt so proud of my shirt..! though my day otherwise wasn't the easiest.

thought i'd share this to u guys! :D


going off to bed now.

Sari signing out! god night!


ps. got scared when earlier i couldn't log into icon but fortunately it did work in the end. anyone had the same problem?





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