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1 down and 50 to go with Madonna



Avitars, Spiritual Guides, Collective Souls and Archetypes...

51 days of Madonna - 1 day gone.

Do you think she know that she is so many of her fan's Spiritual Guide?

Do you think she knows that her loyal and honourable followers embrace her philosophies with open arms?

Do you think she knows that she is more than a Queen of Popular Music.

In the begining there was light however waht makes light?

Rythym makes Light! I am sure our Lady Madonnna knows this!

She is a Star Sign Leo which is a sign known for its "Ray of Light" deposition - the sign is rule by our Sun.

I have no doubt at all that Madonna is a Spritual Guide that is touching not just one generation with her lifes work but many of the generations living today. She to me is a big sister showing me that I can find a way to re event my own work because she did and succeded.

We are all here with a potiential - if we do the home work we can JUMP and make it alone because we all have to stand up to our own lifes challenges like Our Lady Madonna has.

I have many disagreements with our current socail culture observations and one is Madonna is not a middle age woman.

We are just beginning to tap into nutrition and I myself at my age feel younger and i am in better shape than i was 10 years ago because of change in diet.

With the budget the Queen has I would not be surprise she was on a diet of at least 50 to 75% raw and organic foods. Leos  are known to be the longest lived of the Zodiak - heck shes dating a 21 year old - most Leos are children for life!

All I can say is even though she has strong sexuality in a percentage of her music she still has many life lessons and philosophies to share with us all. She is a spiritual guide, she is mothering more than her three children. She is lioness, and her lifes works show us all her lion heart and how strong the very spine (also ruled by sun sign leo) she puts into every achievement she has earned.

In my world there is no heavenly father provided by the face of religion. Our God is alive and well in all of us. He has sent subjects to us like Lady Madonna to show us anything is possible if we take responsibility of the day we are given from our life generating sun. We all have to understand that Madonna had the courage and she accepted the God that lives in all of us. I am not selling some sort of cult. It already exists here on Icon Madonna with free individual will. No one pointed a gun to your head and said join Icon Madonna or fall off the planet.

I am a humanist. The only time i know is this one. The only living experience we have to improve apon is this one.

We have so much to correct here on this Earth. There are billions of us - even if only half of us focused on helping the planet that has fed us so willing so we can just ravage her in return.

What is the number do you know?

I think it is something like 5000 species are becoming extinct each year at present by the hand of only one species.

Anyone who has read this far knows that this heart is not FROZEN.

Day 2 of 51 is already here.


Signing off to the beats of the home work of a SPANISH LESSON.

Earth is a Dance a life.

Madonna is the collective chosen soul to be the leader.

This is humanity's rythm.



i normally proof read after i post to make corrections - I will do this when i come up for air again.




























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