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51 DAYS of Madonna -NONSTOP- till you drop!



Well its a little belated - what the heck I forgot what day it was as I am under a little spell of creativity encouraged by this music's Iconic Star of absolute choice.

So how are you celebrating this Star of Devinity's 51st Birthday?

Well heres a different one for ya!

I am listening to her music and only her music for 51 days - I already listen to her at least once a day so 51 days won't be to much a chore.

What I will retrieve with such submersion in her work is revelations in my own creative passions.

I will update daily with what achievements aspire from melding her driving achievement messages she has in her music.

Last night and this morning was a session and with the album "Ray of Light" -I Redesigned my website network and created a presentation slideshow of recent client. Shown on this landing page http://ourengagementinbanff.com

Until next time - what are you waiting for? JUMP!







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