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My Ultimate Celebration CD3!



so now we're on to CD3 of what is turning out to be my perfect vision of a box set! Madonna is unstoppable I tell you! and without any further Ado, I present to you CD3:


CD3:My Baby's Got A Secret!

1)Physical Attraction(Album Version)

2)Love Don't Live Here Anymore(1995 Remix)

3)Where's the Party?(Blonde Ambition Tour Edit)

4)Love Makes The World Go Round(Live Aid Version)

5)Till Death Do Us Part(Album Version)

6)Promise To Try(Album Version)

7)Thief Of Hearts("Broken Glass" Edit)

8)Why's It So Hard(The Girlie Show Live Edit)

9)Survival(Album Version)

10)Inside Of Me(Original Mix)

11).Love Tried To Welcome Me(Album Version)

12)Sky Fits Heaven(Starstruck Remix)

13)To Have and Not To Hold(Album Version)

14)Little Star(Acapella)

15)Impressive Instant(Deep Dish Samba Remix)

16)Gone(Acapella Edit)

17)Intervention(Album Version)

18)X-static Process(Album Version)

19)Like It Or Not(Confessions Tour Version)

20)She's Not Me(Hidden Demo Version)


so there you have it...........all the best of the album cuts...there's loads more but a cd can only hold twenty songs!



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