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My Ultimate Celebration CD2!



okay, so I posted the first CD of my Four CD set yesterday,but then I got to thinking about all of Lady M's material and I decided that a fifth CD(for the Limited Edition!)was needed, but before I go any further here's CD2:


CD2:The Queen Retains her throne!

1)Erotica(You Thrill Me)

2)Rain(Extended Thunderstorm Edit)

3)Deeper and Deeper(7" Edit)

4)Bad Girl(Cinematic Video Version)

5)Secret(Stardust Remix)

6)Take A Bow(Original Mix)

7)Human Nature(Unedited Album Version)

8)Bedtime Story(Video Edit)

9)Frozen(Propaganda Remix)

10)Frozen(Album Version)

11)Ray Of Light(Original Mix)

12)The Power Of Goodbye(Chill Out Lounge Vocal Dub)

13)Nothing Really Matters(Claustophobic Edit)

14)Music(12" Edit)

15)Don't Tell Me(Album Version)

16)Get Together("golden" Video Edit)

17)Jump(Scotty K Remix)

18)Sorry(Album Version)

19)Give It 2 Me(Original Edit)

20)Miles Away(Album Version)


well, there you have it CD2 of My Ultimate Celebration.....that fifth disk just might have become a 2CD Special Edition


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