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My Ultimate Celebration!



I don't know why it has taken me so long to join madonna.com. This site is a definite must visit site every day for me b/c Madonna is like an addiction, but I'm so sure I'm not the only one with that problem either. Which got me to thinking about all hysteria about the celebration track listing, I thougt that it would only be appropriate for me as a true blue madonnabe to come up with my own listing(cause you KNOW they are gonna screw up somehow!) so here it is cd1 of my Ulitimate Celebration!


CD1:The Birth of An Icon

1)Everybody(Original Mix)

2)Burning Up(Extended Dance Remix)

3)Holiday(Immaculate Collection Edit)

4)Lucky Star(Album version)

5)Like A Virgin(Confessions Mix)

6)Material Girl(ReMastered Mix)

7)Dress You Up(The Virgin Tour Remix)

8)Into the Groove(7" Edit)

9)Papa Don't Preach(ReMastered Mix)

10)True Blue(Album Version)

11)Live To Tell(Confessions Mix)

12)Open Your Heart(Album Version)

13)Like A Prayer(Original Mix)

14)Express Yourself(Immaculate Collection Edit)

15)Oh Father(Music Video Mix)

16)Cherish(Album Version)

17)Vogue(Bette Davis Dub)


19)Justify My Love(Immaculate Collection Edit)


so this was CD1 of 4 CDs for my Ultimate Celebration! What do you think?


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