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My Ultimate Celebration CD4!



oops.. i just realized that i forgot all of American Life's singles! So thankfully in my pefect world, for the 2CD Limited Edition! This CD4 of My Ultimate Celebration! is dedicated to my personal favorite remixes. I'm aware that there are literally hundreds of thousands of quality remixes of Madonna out there and I'm sure I missed a choice one or two. feel free to let me know!



CD4:You Can Dance(For Inspiration!)

1) Amazing( Glowstick Edit)

2)Sorry(Paul Oakenfold 12" Edit)

3)Give It 2 Me(Freddy LeGrande Remix Edit)

4)Love Profusion(Headcleanr's Rock Mix)

5)4 Minutes(The Midnight Mix)

6)Frozen(Eletrorevolution Remix)

7)Die Another Day(Brother Brown Bond-Age Club Mix)

8)Nothing Really Matters(Talvin Singh Vikram Remix)

9)Hollywood(SuperStar Club Mix)

10)The Power of Goodbye(Victor Calderon Twilo Mix)

11)I Want You(Junior's Club Edit)

12)Secret(Electrorevolution's Epic Synth Remix)

13)Into the Groove(Sidechains Remix)

14)Nobody Knows Me(Re Invention Tour Edit)

15)Beautiful Stranger(Orbitcolour Mix)

16)Miles Away(Electric Model Remix)

17)Love Tried To Welcome Me(Idaho's Lonely Hunter Remix)

18)American Life(Oakenfold's Downtempo Remix)

19)Celebration(Benny Benasi Remix)

20)Secret(Stardust Edit)


so those are only 20 of my favorite remixes....I KNOW I missed a bunch....but I think the list looks good!



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