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PRESIDENT OF ISRAEL BEG FOR SUPPORT IN SEARCHING REAL BIOLOGICALLY PARENTS AND BEG FOR PROTECTION ’’DAVID BLOOD OR DAVID ORIGIN’’ I have 24 years born 27.08.1985 in 1 am and live captive in Serbia, Ratko Mladic Serbian Terrorist, Dusan Mihajlovic, best friend of Slobodan Milosevic and ex minister of police in 2001 year, Vidoje Vujic gypsy businessmen near city Valjevo Kidnap me as baby from my real biologically parents who lives in territory USA, Europe or Israel, with group of Serb Bosnian citizens, and politicians in Serbia in that time in year 1984 or 1985, took from real parents and give in Serb Bosnian family with fake identity, name and surname, My life in city Valjevo in Serbia, near Bosnian border (less then 100 km) is imprison, as prison in Valjevo city, where is Ratko Mladic hide, and protect him his personal terrorist army with State Serbia and Serbian Mafia. I don’t have human right, live imprison, as Jews in Nazis camp, without life freedom, No school for me, medical protection, Job or right on life, In elementary school, attack on my face, broken my nose, hate me, against me. WAY??? My life in Serb-Bosnian family, bring me in very bed life and poor situations, I become sick, have problems with immunity, throat and sinus. State Serbia and Serbs democrats and nationalist politician’s party’s is against my and my fight, HAVE OWN POLITICS AGAINST ME, I AM ONLY BRAVE MEN IN SERBIA WHO DON’T LIKE NATIONALIST, RATKO MLADIC AND SERB NEO NAZISM. I beg President Tadic, all politician party, non government organization and others in Serbia the help me the found my real biologically parents, and the give support, but nothing, don’t wont the help me. SERBIAN GOVERNMENT AND STATE HIDE AND PROTECT RATKO MLADIC AND WANTS THE DESTROY MY LIFE. My story only exist in internet, nowhere in press, televisions and other media, way and who stops me, WAY Serbia stops media, I have original regular proofs, everything about me is true. BUT SOMEONE STOPS ME PLEASE HELP ME FOR PRESS IN YOUR LAND, THE PUBLISH THIS STORY IN YOUR PRESS STORY IS LIFE TRUE STORY ABOUT ME, WHAT HAPPENED, HELP ME THIS IS PROOF ABOUT MY KIDNAPPING, WHERE IS PRES AND MEDIA, MY STORY MUST BE ON TELEVISION, THE PEOPLE MUST SEE ME AND HEAR ME, AND MY REAL BIOLOGICALLY PARENTS. People in whole world believe me in my and my story about kidnapping and searching my real biologically parents I have more than 100 famous person, as my friends, I talk with my friends, make good friendship. I get blessing and answer about that from my parents, but I have serious problem, I am registered fan of pop queen madonna on madonna com, with name blackknightm27, and write two public letters for her about my life problem and searching my really biologically parents, and i beg Madonna for helping about that, but after more one month NEWER ANSWERED. Madonna is my friend on Facebook personally, and I send letters too, but NEWER ANSWERED??? Is not problem in one month, but I fight with my letters via post sending madonna from 2000 year to 2006 year the begging for adopt, WAY MADONNA? Newer adopt me adopt me or answer on my letters? * * * USA knows fact of hiding Ratko Mladic in Serbia, because political fact of Serbian Neo Nazism, Nationalism and fight for Kosovo, the be and become a part of State Serbia, protect him gives Ratko Mladic freedom life in Serbia. Serbia never catch Ratko Mladic, because, Serbia in own history have river ``Dunav`` where in history live people who have called self Arya, near river Dunav, from Germany to Black Sea, Turkey. In Valjevo city, exist little school of Serbian very old history with name ``Serbona``, School made Professor Deretic,with Maximilijan Kidanpers Vidoje Vujic and Dusan Mihajlovic. School proofs secret Serbian History about facts of Aryan Race,Deretic think and proof about fact Serbian –Slovenian people made Germany people, school exist 3 years in Serbia, and have more pupils and professors. Serbona is old Greek god in Greek mythology, and statue on Government Building in Belgrade, with symbol 4 Serbian ’’s ’’. Aryan Race, is Nazism fact of Adolph Hitler in book ‘’Mein Kampf’’, and is Nazism propaganda, first time in world, Serbia with professor Deretic and Vidoje Vujic, and others want the proof fact about Serbian people made German people. WAY NAZIS KIDNAP ME, BECAUSE THINK I AM JEW OR MY PARENTS HAVE DAVID ORIGIN, WHO TOOK ME AS BABY IN 1984 OR 1985 FROM??? WHO IS MY REAL BIOLOGICALLY PARENTS!!! I am madonna fan from 1990 year to today, listening madonna music, love her lyrics and plant specific rouse in Black Red colour for madonna, rouse have more then 20 years, for me madonna is black red rouse, never old, and always passion, forever beautiful, but have interesting story about this, when I have 5 years, one night have dream about blue woman with angel wing, blue woman searching and look for something and have black red rouse in hand, after this dream I and my stepmother plant rouse in house yard, in moment of planting I little hurt self and my blood fall on place where is rouse plant. Rouse have very specific smell and black red color. I never have mother and father, I always respect Madonna as mother, madonna is my ideal, I love Madonna because is strong, original and good mother. I am first men in Serbia & Balkan who have own channel on You Tube with Madonna Songs, and fan who like Madonna as singer in Serbian and world public . I chose name BlackKnightMax because, problem with sinus, my face have health problems, nose is broken in elementary school because child’s think I have look as madonna, Black Knight don’t have face. I now learning Kabbalah,I a become member of wisdom and have friendship with almost all Kabbalah centre in whole world, I love Kabbalah for self not for madonna. After all I make wondering self what happened with Madonna, way newer answered on my letters, very strange songs, lyrics ``hung up``, ``sorry`` make for someone, after this songs new songs ``give to me``, ``miles away`` and ``get stupid``. I search for my real biologically parents, my ex parents in Serbia is not my really biologically parents, not mach DNA with me, is not my blood. I have look like Madonna in childhood, elementary school, in tin age time and now, but because for fact I look like her, children, teacher and Satanist in Serbia attack me, more times on my face WAY. After accusing Ratko Mladic on Serbian Court, on day 14.03.2009.year ,I see on the street Ratko Mladic with person Bozidar Jovanovic, and I picture him with my mobile cellular. When send police photographs of Ratko Mladic, hear and see reaction about me and my life, and get additional proofs about my kidnapping and captive life in Serbia. Maybe person on photographs is not Ratko Mladic, but have look and form, and don’t exist in Serbian police, Where is the man with black hat? Nowhere!! I see madonna videos, madonna have ``black hat`` and Ratko Mladic have ``black hat ``WAY??? So strange, suspicions and mysterious for me, scary I am afraid way Madonna have ``black hat`` on head it’s not good, I BELIEVE IN NAZISM SECT OR I THINK ABOUT REAL MADONNA FREEDOM. MADONNA IT’S FREE OR SOMEONE MANIPULATE WITH HER * * * Girl who have name Andjelina Sevic attack me, with her boys, attack on my life and born identity, but fact is Girl don’t want the respect biologically mother Branka Mitrovic. She thinks and tells her mother and me ’’Madonna is my mother!!!’’ I search for biologically parents, I don’t have parents, I have look as Italian boy or someone born in Italy, I get opinion about look as Madonna Child's, I have broken nose in elementary School and problem with sinus, I have proof about that, X rays and opinion from doctor, everybody hate me and want the kill me in Serbia WAY? I DON’T NO!!! I don’t know facts about Madonna secret life o secret Child, but I little afraid, WAY RATKO MLADIC Kidnap me??? WAY BORIS TADIC, don’t want the help me??? WAY I HAVE FACE AS ITALIAN, AND AS MADONNA CHILD'S, I don’t have look as Serbian??? WAY MADONNA DON’T WANT THE HELP ME OR GET ANSWER FROM HER, do really get my letters??? WAY I BORN ON 27.08.1985 1 AM, only me in this planet??? I am not crazy, person have proofs about that from Serbian Government and institutions of health on Serbian. If Madonna have secret child form 1984 or 1985 way don’t scribe in Biography, way hide or where is the police, where is private investigators, WAY madonna in 50 years own life adopt Childs, make Malawi Org. is mother instinct or something else. SO MANY QUESTION, NO ANSWER, PLEASE HELP ME THE GET ANSWER WAY ANDJELINA SEVIC BORN 27.05.1991 YEAR WANT THE TOOK FROM ME MY BIRTHDAY BORN DATE, WAY DON T HAVE IN SERBIA CARD Identity OR PASSPORT,I HAVE PROBLEMS WITH THIS GIRL WHO HAVE PARENTS. MY ANSWER FOR ALL QUESTIONS IN LETTER State Serbia, Democrats and Radical Party and Andjelina Sevic Fraud fame person Pop queen Madonna, Madonna maybe have secret child who so much love in keep in secret, make for him songs, wait time for true, and made plan for celebrate or tell true about self and her first child. Madonna gets wrong information about Angelina Sevic, with my born date certificate,(girl tells Maximilijan ex mother, stepmother),get wrong information, because FACT Maximilijan Velimirovic born 27.08.1985.year in 1 AM Andjelina Sevic,it`s born on 27.05.1991 in 7.30 AM, bout kids have same date but not have same mount and year. Way kidnappers took child from Madonna, because madonna, is someone who maybe don’t knows much about self and own blood & family, madonna have very interesting background, not a part Jesus Christ blood, NO,! Madonna have specially Jews origin on mother side, madonna mother is French but secretly Jew. - Blue blood Origin- ``I smell real queen`` Maybe madonna have David origin or think that have!!! I investigate and proof Aria, Nazism sect who made Nazism and Hitler. Nikolaj Velimirovic in own life made monastery in own born village Lelic near Valjevo,in monastery exist fresc – picture wall, about Judgment Day and motive of group of men and woman which near blue clothing, but group is tie by chain, and devil move group in beast mounts!!! This fresc is proof of Aria, and I explain everything about that in specially letter for MOSAD AND CIA, with proofs. Girl with name Andjelina Sevic have real biologically mother Branka Sevic – Mitrovic (surname changed after married with Vladimir, after divorce changed) and father Vladimir Sevic, Girls is part of STROJ, Neo-Nazi organization in Serbia, Girl is terrorist against Madonna, not fan, only wants the kill her or make damage in her life. I get information about secret internet or cellular contacts Andjeline Sevic with Madonna, from 2001 to today, girl call madonna mama, speak lays madonna about self and kidnapping in Serbia by Muslim, speak good about Seselj and Radical party in Serbia, and took big money from Madonna, from 2001 to today millions dollars. If madonna have weakness, weakness have name ``kid or child``, especially secret, who someone took for a revenge or the change kid destiny, or madonna destiny. This is serious, I want from you the check madonna and make investigate about her in secret! I WANT THE STOP RATKO MLADIC AND ANDJELINA SEVIC, THE KILL MADONNA AND FRAUD MADONNA!!! IF MADONNA HAVE SECRET FORM 1984 OR 1985 CHILD MUST CONTACT AMERICAN POLICE AND CHECK WITH DNA ANALYSIS!!! IF MADONNA MY REAL BIOLOGICALLY MOTHER MUST TELL WHOLE STORY IN PUBLIC!!! * * * WAY Angelina learn for medicine sister, in medicine school in Valjevo. WAY Andjelina Sevic wired my house and listen my home and me,!!! Angelina is free girl, and have internet connection from 2001 year to today. My Kidnapers made Angelina to use and confuse my really biologically parents, I am littlie scary, Girl is complete crazy I don’t fact about my parents maybe I missing or my parents search me so many years, I get information about girl Angelina Sevic, she took my identity and steal my born date. WAY? WHO WANT MEN AFTER MIDNIGHT I am accuse on Serbian court Angelina Sevic for steal my identity, girl don’t have own card identity or passport, girl is criminal, and must go in the jail. Angelina copies me and thinks madonna are real biologically mother??? I hope the someone read this, and need information from Madonna about girl who steal my identity, and maybe write bad letter or have private conversation with Madonna or someone else in my name. Give me answer, about that. * * * Please understand this letter for beg, I don’t mess in madonna private life, I want the protect State Israel from Neo Nazism and David Origin, I think Serbia have political plan the make new Hitler or Antichrist in 2012 year. Please Israel help me, in searching my real biologically parents, please contact madonna and give me Law help, Media protection. Fore better understanding see http://www.facebook.com/pages/Maximilijan-Velimirovic-True-Life-Story/101186956805 http://maximilijanvelimirovic.ning.com/'>http://maximilijanvelimirovic.ning.com/ http://www.youtube.com/BlackKnightMax http://www.myspace.com/maximilijanglobalorg http://porodicamitrovic.blogspot.com/ http://www.facebook.com/MAX.GLOBAL.ORG Please read two Public letters http://maximilijanvelimirovic.ning.com/ for Madonna for better understanding my life situations. Maximilian Velimirovic – Personally President, maker of idea MAX.GLOBAL.ORG (MAX.GLOBAL.ORG and Maximilian Velimirovic have protected rights with own symbol of M I, Serbian and International law protected


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