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PUBLIC LETTER FOR Madonna Louise Ciccone



PUBLIC LETTER FOR Madonna Louise Ciccone

I have 24 years and live captive in Serbia, and I search for real biologically parents, in this letter I explain everything about me and my fight.

I am your fan from 1990 year to today, listening your music, love your lyrics and plant specific rouse Black Red colour for her, rouse have more then 20 years.

I am first men in Serbia & Balkan who have own channel on You Tube with Madonna Songs, and fan who like Madonna like singer in Public. BlackKnightMax

I learn Kabalah,and have friendship with all Kabalah Centres on this world, specially with Kabalah Centre in Israel.

Ratko Mladic Serbian Terrorist Kidnap me as baby from my real biologically parents who lives in territory USA, Europe or Israel,

Serb Bosnian citizens, and politicians in Serbia in that time in year 1984 or 1985, with Ratko Mladic kidnap me as baby, took from real parents and give in Serb Bosnian family with fake identity, name and surname.

My life in city Valjevo in Serbia, near Bosnian border (less then 100 km) is imprison, like prison in Valjevo city, where is Ratko Mladic hide, and protect him his personal terrorist army with State Serbia and Serbian Mafia.

I am only men in this world who is against Ratko Mladic, and I accuse him on Serbian Court.

State Serbia and Serbs democrats and nationalist politicians party’s is against my and my fight, HAVE OWN POLTICS AGAINST ME, I AM ONLY BRAVE MEN IN SERBIA WHO DON’T LIKE NATIONALIST, RATKO MLADIC AND SERB NEO NAZISM.

I beg President Tadic, all politician party, non government organization and others in Serbia the help me the found my real biologically parents, and the give support, but nothing, don’t wont the help me.



Some person, but only of them with name Andjelina and surname Sevic wants to be me.
Andjelina Sevic have own parents, have own friends who attacks me and wants the kill me, have freedom is not kidnapped person.
Andjelina Sevic is jealous girl who have problem with own head.
Andjelina Sevic is not Madonna fan, she hate Madonna and love Ratko Mladic.
Andjelina Sevic is Neo Nazis girl.

I wondering self way Andjelina Sevic boys attack me face, probably I have look like Italian boy?

I accuse & sue State of Serbia, Ratko Mladic, President of Serbia Boris Tadic and Andjelina Sevic in Serbian Court for kidnapping, captive, and martyrdom me and my personality in Serbia 23 years.

I have friend everywhere on You Tube,My Space,Facebook who loved me and believe me!

I have proof for everything I say,more then 5000 documents and coming soon my web site the anyone see my proofs and documents about me life and me!

I have 4 question for Madonna (you) please answer me!

I.Do you (Madonna) want the help me the found my real biologically parents, how and when?

(Please excuse me for this question)
II.Do you (Madonna) have secret kid in year 1984 or 1985 I wondering self when see Madonna photographs and photographs Madonna kids (Rocco),and my photographs someone tell me I have look as Madonna or her child Rocco?(I only accept real Biologically mother after DNA Analysis) 

III.Do you (Madonna) wants the help me, if a don’t found my real biologically parents to someone adopt me, I don’t have parents?

IV.Do you Madonna Love Serbian Terrorist Ratko Maldic and State Serbia, maybe Madonna is anti-Semite? I don’t like people who hate Jews?

This letter is not provocation for Pop Queen Madonna; I don’t want to disturb Madonna, I am not crazy mental sick person have proofs for everything too say!

When I found or don’t found my parents, I soon make my MAX.GLOBAL.ORG. who is better then Live Aid and who wants the help someone on this world.

After all maybe is my dream the marry woman like Madonna – maybe marry Madonna if want me.

Thank you for understanding, wish I good luck in your life.

Maximilian Velimirovic – Personally

President of MAX.GLOBAL.ORG 

(MAX.GLOBAL.ORG and Maximilian Velimirovic have protected rights with own symbol of M I - MAXONE)



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