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Hi everyone!

Iliana (aka rockgoddess) and Miss Fitz (aka missfitzpdx) here to make what *we* think is an exciting announcement:

Our new blog/site Axe-Static_Process is up and running!

We can already hear your internal monologue asking if the world really needs another Madonna site-- and the answer is HELL YES!

Thankfully, we do have a unique point-of-view on this site: as a couple of guitarists ourselves, we felt that there was a void in the celebration of Madonna the Musician. We also felt that Madonna's musicians are pretty freaking incredible and deserved their own moments in the spotlight. As long as I am being completely honest, I should mention that we also wanted an excuse to nerd-out on Madonna's guitar rig (er, and Monte's too!).

There is a lot in the site especially for guitarists (including chords and tabs for Madonna's songs; gear lists; and soon there will be some guitar lessons designed to help us all follow in M's footsteps and pick up a guitar ourselves!) -- but the site is far from a guitarist-only site. We'll be updating the site with Madonna's musical endeavors as well as keeping tabs on Monte, Stuart, and all the other familiar musical faces!

It's just our little way of trying to thank Madonna for all of the inspiration over the years, and we'd love for you all to stop by! Regularly! Wink

Peace, love, light, & power chords!

Iliana & Miss Fitz




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