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The day I got Sticky & Sweet



September 27th, 2008 - OAKA Stadium, Athens - Greece

Robyn appeared on stage around 7.40pm. She was very sweet and with lots of energy and said "Kalispera Athina", which means "Good evening Athens". At one point she asked us "Are you excited to see Madonna?" and we all screamed "Yeeeeeeeeesssssssssss". I was feeling really nervous when the show was gonna start and about 20 minutes before the Candy intro I was feeling my back tired already and I was afraid that I wouldn't have the energy to sing or dance, but that never happened when Madonna was on stage!

Around 9.20pm the lights went out and the C-A-N-D-Y shop started! Everyone started screaming insanely as Madonna appeared on stage! It was soooooooo amazing to see her live, although like I said I was quite far from the end of the runway (the "Golden Circle" was huge) and the people with the cameras made it even more difficult, but I was so excited about the show so I didn't care -at that time- that much! After Candy Shop she said "Hello Atheeeens!" and once again we screamed out of enjoyment !!

The first hour of the show was amazing, I was singing and dancing all the way, but I can't say the same about the rest of the audience, I believe most of the people didn't know Madonna's new songs so not everyone was singing along, but for sure we were all ecstatic!

I was laughing so hard when She's Not Me started because she said "Have you ever had a best who wanted to f*ck your boyfriend, suck your boyfriend." and some other stuff, I was thinking "omg, the woman is so crazy, I just love her!!"

Music was another highlight and everyone was dancing and singing!

The second hour of the show was when almost everyone started dancing, especially after La isla bonita.... needless to say that during Like a Prayer EVERYONE and I mean EVERYONE went nuts! I was feeling my throat starting to hurt but I kept singing and screaming!!

Before You Must Love Me we started screaming "Madonna! Madonna! Madonna!" and she smiled and said "Thank you! What a wonderful welcome"! Just before the end, someone said something and she laughed!

The request song was Express Yourself and we sang it twice because Madonna asked us to express ourselves louder so we can get what we want! LOVED LOVED LOVED IT!!!

Hung Up, another song that made the crowd dancing up and down non stop!

We sang together Give It 2 Me and before I knew it, the GAME OVER sign was on the screen and the show was over :( :(

I also met the lovely Israel after the show and chatted for a few minutes, he was so cute and so glad that I got to meet him!

Overall, I had A GREAT TIME, I sooooooo wanna see the show all over again!!! Everything was great, except the stage which was not as high as it should be in this stadium, there were a LOT of people who couldn't see anything.

The sound was EXCELLENT, although some said that Madonna sang quite a few songs on playback, but still I don't care, it sounded GREAT to me!


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