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    Hold Tight

    Holding tight, focusing on the future..... been waiting 15 months for a call.... been contacting all the authorities and charity organizations for LGBT refugee's are we forgotten ? been living in Turkey since April.29.2014 would i do it all over again if i could turn back time? being a gay refugee in Turkey where nobody respects you . I ran and i ran from the noise and the silence. that blank look and laughter from people. i hid my tears hid my fears. trying to reach the sky with no wings. picked my self up only to be crumbled down to the ground again. i tasted the pain tasted my tears i cursed the angels i tasted my fears. i ran and i ran from Iran, i was looking for freedom.....still running. miles away from home. made it through fire we are going to be alright! we LGBT's can survive a hurricane Hold Tight everything is going to be alright.
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    I have a tale to tell ....

    i tried to contact your email but it got failed twice
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    Madonna's 58th Birthday

    Dear Friends I haven't posted anything for a long time now so here are the updates. if you want to learn more about my story visit my previous blogs. so yesterday was Madonna's birthday so HAPPY BIRTHDAY MADONNA you always give me hope and make me strong. so after all i got accepted to go to Canada and i was so happy about it until i heard that Canada's embassy is more focusing on Syrian refugees than the other ones like ours (LGBT's) so they told me that we have to wait. so I've been waiting for a year and a month to get a news from the embassy but still no news (I've been living in Turkey for months now) so still waiting. i Emailed so many supporting organizations and the embassy even the minister but still no answer. I feel so defeated its like i don't have a voice.... you might think living in Turkey as a gay guy might not be that hard but living in a city in the south like Denizi (we don't have permission to go to big cities like Istanbul), we gotta lie and act here and some are not good actors and they face the consequence. So wish me luck..
  5. Rawmean

    I have a tale to tell ....

    Hey its me again. so its been a year and a month that i came to Turkey. at first i came with little money but then i found a job and made living out of it. i guess i was one of the lucky few. if you read my previous post you'll understand that i escaped, for what? FREEDOM I'm thinking to go to Canada because i think that Canada is a more gay friendly then America maybe I'm wrong i don't know. the thing is they will send me wherever i have a relative or a friend or someone i know. since I was born in Dubai, i cant stand cold weather so that's why I'm thinking to choose Vancouver. so i have a relative there i asked her to give her contact info so i could stay with her for only couple of weeks like 2 weeks or so, but she said no i don't have an extra room, as shocked i was i also notice she didn't accept me because i was gay, i mean WTF!!! i thought we could count on our family and family comes first no matter what. but i guess that's normal since my own family don't get me. so i kinda need to find someone in Vancouver who can just give me a place to stay for at least a week. i mean i have money and all, but would it kill someone for them to let me or anyone like me to stay with them. i guess i'm old fashioned. so if you guys know anyone that's still human and lives in Vancouver let me know. xoxo Rawmean
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    4th of August 2014

    Thanks guys for the supporting comments it's actually really helpful
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    4th of August 2014

    It all happened so fast ....... it's been three months now we are in turkey. We ran away from a place called home that also could kill us..... Iran-Tehran. people not accepting our behavior, our family turned there back on us. little hope we have that someday we will be able to just live and not be scared of dying, the hard thing is that the person that could kill us might be our loved ones. I believe that Gay men and Women and all the LGBT community are the most strongest people in the whole world. just imagine a mother telling his own son i hope you get hit by a car, i wish you go out and never to return. i had no idea were to start from and i have no idea how to end it..... It's so Hard to live...... i loved Madonna since i was 13 years old and i still love her. her music gives me courage. i just wanted to speak to her somehow and i ended up here..... so hard to carry your life here in Turkey. more to come on my next post. Thanks and love u