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  1. #BitchImMadonnasGuest #RebelHeartTour

  2. less about the fighter & more love 4 the bull...fight'n 4 its life in da' pen of mediocracy. Take a bow. M. Respect. AV club. Speak'n louder than words (& images). Inner-sense. #madonna #rebelheart #living4love
  3. U&Argentina-M. Next. Disco fone? Deeper And Deeper. I'm not sorry! More about Music!? I'm feel"n like a girl right now!? Now i can take a bow 2 u. Pretty Women!?...(if i may?) GoodbyE! M Froz'n! W.E.'d all like 2 b. Instead i c Human Nature!? Bjork Rebel Heart2!? Respect! Living4heart.
  4. Secret-M. Substitude 4 love-M Don't Tell Me-M
  5. Run To Paradise - Choirboys Y'shua. liv'n4love. Cupid?
  6. Annie Lennox - Sweet Dreams Shout (original) - Tears For Fears. K.I.S.S - I Was Made For Loving You. (K)eep'n (I)t (S)imple (S)ockbitch.
  7. New Sensation-Inxs. Dualism-zen. Cause'. The heat is on-Glenn Frey. (4) minutes-Madonna. Dont stop me now-Queen. Miss.M. K.I.S.S. Liv'n4love. & MILK SHAKES. OR Love is a Battlefield-Pat Benatar. (2) out of (3) ain't bad-MeatLoaf. Torn-Natalie Imbruglia. Live It Up-Mental As Anything. Somebody That I Used To Know-Gotye (feat. Kimbra).
  8. Secret Lover. Shhhh! Says...Mamma Mia! Softly? LOVE PROFUSION. Vib'n. x2.
  9. Sign up Sockbitch to do this...!? Rad!
  10. The kindly mage senses the doctor strange untapped potential for good and agrees to take him on as his disciple. Dance Agent for Change.
  11. Talkn about sock puppets in bed with M. *ding* Student video incl. Build up to performance dates of mise en scene consisting of background crew & artist onTour host by Sockbitch!? Source 4 *ding* play on Sockbitch. Monika Behrens-Artist (Mise en scene of objects & self portrait composition) plus Vincent Fantauzzo’s portrait of Kimbra. By titling it The Build Up, the artist lets us into the intimate world of the singer moments before her performance https://artsdiary365.wordpress.com/tag/ben-quilty/ madonna & sockbitch.
  12. Madonna Monthly Cryptic. March 2015. *Pepsi Child in her charlies angel choc-a-holic factory. TV. Creat'n con-t-reverse-c?. Mini me. Dreams a generation ahead threw da' eyez that dilate-free (x3) 4 da' inner-sense of w.e.!? *Puppet sock made from natures hand speaks? Butts...what? ***CENSORED***! WTF? 2D-are or as is. Returns...da' reality back (2) da' h-art who's beat!!!! Liv'n 4 luv. Bedtime story's. Time. 4 stage. Read. Party. Play. On & on & on. Here. There. Every-where? "Breath", Mr Toe, as he winks. Says Mr happy feet! *Pink Floyd skools module march. 123123123. Cute chicks break out with their flamingo wings. Do'n a sacred dance with an Individualist +1. Freedom. *1 plate. 2 Plate. 3 Plate. (4). 'Don't tell me!' + 1 luvs' how many more dat' tastes dis' good!? Luv Element?-tree my dear. Roar. *livn' on a prayer. Immaculate concept-sss(sh-ine)! Like 2 frigates...passn' in da' nite. bling! bling! *We're da' lucky star. Yoho! Bab-(eee). Dis' disco is a zine? Pappa preach dry reach no-more. Peace. In Mind!
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