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Madonna Monthly Cryptic. March 2015.


*Pepsi Child in her charlies angel choc-a-holic factory. TV. Creat'n con-t-reverse-c?.

Mini me. Dreams a generation ahead threw da' eyez that dilate-free (x3) 4 da' inner-sense of w.e.!?


*Puppet sock made from natures hand speaks? Butts...what? ***CENSORED***! WTF?

2D-are or as is. Returns...da' reality back (2) da' h-art who's beat!!!! Liv'n 4 luv.


Bedtime story's. Time. 4 stage. Read. Party. Play. On & on & on. Here. There. Every-where?

"Breath", Mr Toe, as he winks. Says Mr happy feet!


*Pink Floyd skools module march. 123123123.

Cute chicks break out with their flamingo wings. Do'n a sacred dance with an Individualist +1. Freedom.


*1 plate. 2 Plate. 3 Plate. (4). 'Don't tell me!'

+ 1 luvs' how many more dat' tastes dis' good!? Luv Element?-tree my dear. Roar.


*livn' on a prayer. Immaculate concept-sss(sh-ine)!

Like 2 frigates...passn' in da' nite. bling! bling!


*We're da' lucky star. Yoho! Bab-(eee). Dis' disco is a zine?

Pappa preach dry reach no-more. Peace. In Mind!


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