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  1. Winning tickets to "Tears of a Clown" has truley blown my mind. This tour is just crazy and i couldnt imagine it getting any better for me. OMG.

    1. aussieduck


      Omg that's wonderful news XXX so glad to hear

  2. Well that was a dream come true. Finally seeing Madonna live. I creid so much. I will never forget that experience. Thank you M for a life of music and great memories .you will always be the queen.

  3. Hiya! Love your new avatar! Happy sunday!!! :)

    1. philipandglenn


      Thanks Dahrling..... I thought it was time for a change! Hope you have a wonderful Sunday too. xx

  4. I am getting so excited I dont think i can take it anymore!!!!!!! OMFG Its almost here!!!!!!!

  5. CAnt believe I will be seeing M for the first time ever after having her concert cancelled in Sydney 23 years ago! Its been a long wait but it will be sooo worth it!!!!

  6. Wanting, needing, waiting For you to tour Australia. Hoping, praying For you to tour Australia

  7. OMG The Queen @TheGrammys Cant wait

  8. I really hope M comes to Australia next tour!!!!

  9. Wonder what M will do next????

  10. Thanks... 5 stars right back at ya! xxx