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  1. Baby, you would definitely see me in Amsterdam!!!! :wub: Eventually Cologne, too, but it's in the middle or the week so I can't tell for sure atm......

  2. Are you ready for a REVOLUTION?

  3. I think I missed something special in Chicago. Well I'm pretty sure I missed something special.. ;-(

  4. Hola. que bueno saber de ti nuevamente. buscame en Facebook Willie Wanker

  5. I'll be there just on Saturday 8th. section A1 Row,20. See you there.

  6. Hope I get to see you at Yankee Stadium Willy!!

  7. Hey!! Only today I saw you sent me 2 messages on jan 19 haha I don't know why but Icon won't allow me to read them, there's some kind of bug I'm trying to figure out... :/ Sorry!!!

  8. hey lovee .)

    no it's "just" ncy for me this time

  9. hey lovee .)

    no it's "just" ncy for me this time

  10. Just to say Hello and give you some lucky stars.

  11. Are you doing Koln? I'm going to book my ticket tomorrow!

  12. Getting Ready for Houston Presale?

  13. Coimbra, Berlin, Copenhagen, Gothenburg, Amsterdam, Brussels, Paris & New York tickets booked!

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    2. williewanker


      YEAH!! Try Berlin please!!

    3. 230297


      Boy Gone Wild

    4. rosieaulet


      Darling buscame en facebook por Rosie Aulet... Hay unos cuantos Willie Wanker allí y no sé cuál eres tú. cuídate :)