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  1. I was in the Golden Triangle on November 25, 2012 in Mexico City ♥ :'3 THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE :D

  2. 3 days #MDNAWorldTour México City ❤ :'D

  3. Hola!!

    te deseo un gran dia


  4. holaaaa como estas? ya lista para el MDNA tour? a cual show irás? agregame a FB mi correo es juanox28@hotmail.com


  5. jaja ahora me siento como una tonta xD y si igual espero lo mismo, por cierto excelentes tus fotos :)

  6. Gracias por compartir esto conmigo. Seguro seremos buenas amigas.

  7. and of course be wonderful that we become good friends :D

    sorry my English is not very good xD

  8. I am the state of Mexico, I have 17 years and makes just a year ago I began my great love for Madonna from the moment you hear gun. I loved all your music and I started researching it, spend time with form I realized that would be part of my life. I've never been to a concert but I would love it too and I love to collect things about her, like any Madder:)

  9. Thank you for your kind words!!! I hope we become good Madonna friends. Where are you from? How long ago started your love for M? Please tell me more about yourself.

    Hope we keep in touch! Georgina

  10. Hello! nice to meet you, i love your biography about Madonna are a great example to follow, very beautiful words ... thousand respects I am your fan :D

  11. Sinto saudades de você meu amor Eu não posso viver sem você