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    On this year...?

    Hello there....4 everyone 2011...wow....a new big year with a lot of work from my side. I'm in the last year in high school and i'm prepare 4 medical school and it's f****** hard so i don't know if i will have more time to spend here on Icon... (i don't know what to say...) i know....it's been a long time since we hadn't talk...and i'm really sorry you guys, i hope you understand me ....i had problems with my laptop, then my internet connexions was off and a lot of problems like this...a couple of mounts i couldnt use the internet. Why? because i was a jerk...don't ask why ...i think that was the punishment from God...(sorry my english sucks right now) so my dear friends....i really want to stay in touch with all of you, but i don't know how to devide my time (:((...pls help me, give a suggestion or something and have a great year...more better God bless you all!!!! By xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxo
  2. Hello my dear friends, finaly, tomorow i will go to Budapest at 3 pm and seriously i don't know if i have time and internet to answer to all of you...i hope that i will have a lot of fun there and i promise that when i come back i will talk more often with you .... i have a bussy week so i hope you understand me. now i must to finish my bagage and go to sleep (after i eat) because i want to be fresh tomorow so...take care and see you in August i hope you understand me kisses and hugs xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  3. Hello to all, this week and the next one i can't be available to talk and have fun here because i'm gonna be on a training program and then probably i will go to Budapest ... but until i go to Budapest i hope that i can talk with all of you i hope u understand me Take care!!!
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