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  1. nastasjya

    To Madonna

    Hello Dear Madonna, I do not mean You to offend by this message. I see Your pain, when I 'm looking in Your eyes( show,video).Especially songs:"Nobody Knows Me" and "Jump" If Your Mother could see You, She will tell "I'm Proud of You, what You do and Who You are !!!!!!!" My Queen, I'm glad that You give kindness and happiness to this World through Your Songs. Thank you very very much to You in Your Art !!!!!!! Love, Nastasjya.
  2. Hi everyone, I have looked this movie and have decided to share with you these are simply shaking My Queen ,you're is Unique by Your character and humour. Love, Nastasjya.
  3. Dear Madonna, I know that You read such letters and recognitions from Your fans. But I using the chance I wish to tell You about my story ...I have heard about You for the first time in my life,it was in far 90 - I knew only pair of phrases on english , I understood and felt that You sing about something positive. Time has passed ... Now I live in the USA... And when I have learnt about Your site and at the same time You had planned Your Tour "Sticky & Sweet"2008 . My dream was to visit Your concert and to see You in reality and My dream has come true! !!!!!!! Thank You!!!!!!! My hobby a photography, and I hope to see You in person ,I know it one chance from thousand millions, I would like take a picture of You, and have presented to You these photos... God Bless You and Your family ! I wish you success in Your Art ! Love, Anastasiya.
  4. When I have seen You for the first time in my life .It was Your show "Sticky & Sweet" Tour 2008, Vancouver, B.C. I have been flattered by your positive energy, kindness and open soul to public Happy Birthday, Dear Madonna I wish You health, love, pleasure and happiness to You and Your Family. Also, I hope to see You in Your new Tour!!! Love, Anastasiya.
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