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To Madonna.



Dear Madonna,

I know that You read such letters and recognitions from Your fans. But I using the chance I wish to tell You about my story ...I have heard about  You for the first time in my life,it was in far 90 -   I knew only pair of phrases on english  , I understood and felt that You sing about something positive. Time has passed ... 

Now I live in the USA...  And when I have learnt about Your site and at the same time You had planned Your Tour "Sticky & Sweet"2008 .

My dream was to visit Your concert and to see You in reality and My dream has come true! !!!!!!! Thank You!!!!!!!

My hobby a photography, and I hope  to see You in person ,I know it one chance from thousand millions, I would like take a picture of You,  and have presented to You these photos...

God Bless You and Your family !

I wish you success in Your Art !

Love, Anastasiya.


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