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  1. caroesga1

    Happy 20th bday Ray Of Light

    Dear Madonna 20 years since the most amazing album in the universe came out and changed me forever. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and light with us. Thank you for helping our brothers and sisters in Africa and Asia. God bless you.
  2. caroesga1

    Thanks for your kind heart

    Dear Madonna Thank you for having a kind heart, thank you for helping our african brothers and sisters, thank you for not giving up, thank you for your music and the song I enjoy. God bless you forever. Carolina
  3. caroesga1

    Thank you Madonna

    Thank you because your music has helped me during hard times Thank you for all your hard work Thank you for your kind heart and the will to help others Thank you for not giving up Thank you
  4. caroesga1

    Happy birthday

    Happy bday!!! Thank you for everything. God bless you
  5. Thank you Madonna for Frozen. Strong and beautiful message in that song. 15 years since the first time i heard it.

    1. rachwuvsmadonna


      I love her voice during this song. so beautiful! <3 :)

  6. caroesga1

    Thank you Madonna

    Hey. She did a great job in Evita I enjoyed MDNA a lot!
  7. caroesga1

    Thank you Madonna

    Thank you for coming to my country, thank you for your show and thank you for Ray Of Light! my favorite album... it saved my life
  8. Se que te vas y ya no voy detras, ya de tus palabras no dependo más y vete bien lejos de mi corazon ya no te necesito

  9. MOFO! hellooooo!! <3

  10. Hi. thanks for the add.

  11. Hey. Im not using FB anymore i got tired of it so let`s keep in touch here :)