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  1. I know, by far!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I have the 2 St Paul shows left... already feeling sad its gonna be over.

  2. yeah its been her most approachable tour ever, so many of us have been able to experience her so close, its been crazy! How many shows do u have left?

  3. So happy to hear you got to touch the Queen as well! Ive been sooo lucky this tour. Its kinda weird... Sang during Like A Prayer in Boston, she talked to me (about my tattoo in Chicago) and and then touched me in Phoenix...

    CRAZY!!! Im so happy, for me, for you, for all the FANS.

  4. It can be overwhelming... but hey, someone gotta do it!

  5. Hey there, Im here, just over the drama and the whinin and the fakes, but always enjoy ur posts so keep them comin ;) xx

  6. we u been buddy? we miss u around here!

  7. hey what you been up to these days? thanks for stopping by...xoxoxoxox

  8. Hey buddy.... haven't seen u in a while. Happy that you shared some common sense on the crazy ass australian thread!

    Good to have you back!

  9. hey buddy, just droppin by to say hi! Hope all is good ;)xx

  10. 5 stars right back at cha! ;)

  11. 5 stars right back at cha! ;)

  12. cheers, heres to the MDNA era! Legacy members do it better ;)

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