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  1. Pre sale stress!!

  2. Post MDNA come down! Not good! :-(

  3. Hey what´s up?

  4. 6 days until MDNA in London!!

  5. 35 days until MDNA London baby!!

    1. boyman


      Are you going in London? Hope me took.

    2. johnnyuk
  6. 42 days until I see the queen in London!

  7. thanks for addin me! you look really cute in that pic :P

  8. 2 weeks until the tour starts!!

  9. Hugz & Love and belated Happy New Year wishes.

    Here's to a great year ahead with WE, M-D-N-A, and the Tour!

    2012 is gonna be truely epic!

    James xoxoxo

  10. Seeing M on the Graham Norton Show next week!!

  11. Happy new week my dear xoxo

  12. Hey George!! Long time no see!! I hope you're well!


  13. REALLY looking forward to hearing M's new music!!