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  1. Once again Madonna snobs Australia, she has now lost a fan!!! She has not been here since 1993!!!!! We always miss out, mustn't be good enough. I am no longer going to be buying someones cds who won't even bother coming to Australia to tour

  2. Thanks for adding me as a friend and she will come to Australia!!!!

  3. Hope all well with you. Kris.

  4. Hey great! I will travel to AU soon :)

  5. Hello from Down under!

  6. chris baby xxxxxxxx

  7. atomic10


    WTF is going on with this damn site????? This is just not good enough, Madonna - one of the biggest stars in the world has the crappiest fan club!
  8. atomic10


    Bjork is an amazing artist so unique here she is performing one of my all time favourite songs of hers Pagan Poetry live in New York, enjoy
  9. 20 second clip of madonna's new single Celebrate!
  10. atomic10


    If your ever looking around Youtube stop by my channel and say hello! http://www.youtube.com/user/scooter910
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