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  1. Let's forget about time and dance our lives away! xoxo

  2. It's time to go crazy on Madonna's birthday. Turn up the volume on my mix 3 of Madonna's clubremixes. www.soundcloud.com/dj-jerry-w

  3. thanks for the add !

  4. Thanks for adding me

  5. Hey Rich have a great weekend! I am here discovering all the new things on icon and trying to learn how this new profile works! xoxo

  6. Well there's much to explore on the new site.

    You have to get used to it but it's great.

  7. I need help with posting pics in my profile. I haven't explored 90% of this site yet.

    How are you?

  8. Hi Richard....I'm happy because I got 7 at my oral test!

    Oh good luck for yours on 15th March!!

    I see, well I think you've got a great responsabilty with your work.

    Have a nice day!!

    Deborah =)

  9. Hi Deborah,

    Well I work for a local environment business and am a HSQE associate (Health, Safety, Quality and Environment) I also have to study for an exam on March 15 th.

    Good luck with your test tomorrow .

    Have a great sunday !


  10. Hi Richard!! =)

    I see, I think Netherlands is a nice country :)

    Well, here now it's 19.28 pm and I'm really tired because I've studied all the day for an oral test on Monday...I hope it will go well :)

    And what's your work?

    Have a great weekend!! Deborah

  11. 5 stars for u

    nice day boy


  12. Hi Deborah,

    All well here.

    And my real name is Richard and I'm from The Netherlands !

    The start of a new week, it's 7 am here right now. Gotta go to work !

    Have a great week

  13. HI!

    How are you and what's your name Mr Ritchie?

    Have a nice day...Deborah =)

  14. Hey,

    thanks for the add.

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