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  1. OMG it's been so long since my last visit, my mailbox was full! Truly sorry !

  2. Saying Hello! Excited for the tour!

  3. Thanks for adding me.


  4. Madonna - Santa Baby 2011 (Dj Jerry W extended clubbing remix)

  5. Going to bed, bonne nuit Iconers !

    1. vicenteguerrero


      Bonne nuit. mon amie! Buenas noches, querida amiga.

  6. hey new friend thanks for the add!! Long live the queen of pop

  7. Hey,

    thanks the trip was amazing !!! I've got the blues from being home =((

  8. Back in Montreal =( missing Forks

  9. good yo hear that !! where do you live ?

  10. I'm leaving for for Forks... Yes the city of Twilight !!!

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    2. rachwuvsmadonna


      awesome! make sure to smack edward cullen on the ass for me! lol ;)

    3. leeloo9999
    4. zero


      Your photos are awesome!

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