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To be like the rain



This poem was inspired by rain,

And the lovely woman,

Who sings of it so beautifully,

Poignantly, sweetly, sensually. 

and sublime



To be like the rain


I would love for you to be,

Like the rain,

Warm, damp, and kind,

The rain you sing,

So resolutely and tender,

The rain,

Your shimmering body 

Dances through,

Warms and brightens,

The rain that cools and soothes,

The sultry vistas and gardens,


I would love for you to be,

Like the rain,

Its tender and warm sighing,

Reminiscent of nightingale wings,

And  Wanderlust sonatas,


And your love is like the rain,

just as sweet,

As its honey,

Lovely as evenings,

Warm as candles,


Lovely lady,

Your soul is like the rain,

That kisses, nurtures, and beautifies,

All the earthworn gardens,


I would love for to be,

like the rain,

As Sweet, warm, and damp,

Soothing the leaves,

And iris petals,

Soothing the pain,

With your midnight,

And evening love

Reynaldo Casison














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