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Every evening you sway




Every evening,

You sway,

In my love, upon our veranda,

And kiss of moon,


Who hymns the beauty,

Of your hair,

And soul in the crescents,

Of our exotic shores,


All of its waves, one by one,

Caress in duets,

With their longings,

For love and shore,

They drift mooncaressed,

The way we love one another,

Warm and tenderly as seashells,

With intimate space,

And warmth, 

Between our sighs,


We shall spread our fishnet thighs,

As we dance,

While we spread our ethereal love,

Amidst the waves and stars,


Your crescent hips,

And smoky mascara eyes,

Were within my loves caress,

And gaze,

While the first stars bloomed,

In the starry night sky,


You are the ballerina,

Of the champagne waves,

Sweet, wild, and serene,

In your rhythms honey,


We shall sow the ever garden,

Of our hymns, irises, and sunflowers,

For the mango vineyards,

Gypsy lovers,

And lakeshores, 

That feel and thirst,

For its rain and moonlight,


The sweet hymns,

Of your crescent hips,

That my love holds,

Beyond the jazz of romance,

Shall sway beyond these evenings,


The petals are all wet,

From the evening rain,

Like your warm tender soul,


The mists kisses with tender,


Like our shore waves,

Wave upon,

Firm delicacy of wave,


And when you sway,

With your sweet,

Exotic Dancer soul,

With our stars,

Like my ballerina iris,

You are the dove of the moon,

That no flower surpasses,


My love desires to caress you,

The way the autumn winds,

Caress the golden leaves,

And honey of the maple trees

Reynaldo Casison

'Cool jazz of the haiku'

'Starbright, beauteous woman'

'Songs of Pleasures and longing'










































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