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Summer Solstice



Well today is the first day of summer and my birthday is on Saturday, my birthday is always a depressing day for me. Something that is strange is the weather, June is almost over and I live in the desert and usually the weather has already started getting hot and temperatures are up to 100 at least. Even in the night time it will be pretty hot still, but there hasn't even been one hot day in June yet and right now it's 61 degrees. I've always believed in climate change but this is the first June that I've lived in the desert where it's not already getting hot. In my backyard I have mulberry trees and the mulberry fruit usually start to ripen in the middle of summer, they have already ripened and fallen off. The last few years it's been earlier and earlier that they have ripened, this is the earliest ever and the coldest june ever. I did see some news report that was saying this summer was going to be really hot. Humans have really screwed up the entire world. On a different note, it is wonderful seeing donald dump being indicted. That schmuck should have never even been allowed to be the president of the united states. The United States and Americans these days get alot of shit said about them and I agree. There was a time when I was proud to be an american, these days not so much. All of these idiots in this country who love guns so much and always talking about the 2nd amendment. You know what, the 2nd amendment is a bunch of bullshit. When that amendment was made there weren't AK47s and all this other crazy guns, and also. America was stolen from the indigenous peoples, so that the white man came up with laws and amendments for a land that was stolen. For America to truly be a good country it needs to admit it's sins and the land was stolen and the native people were murdererd. White man brought guns to a land that had no guns and people were already living here. So with that said, the 2 nd amendment is bogus and for people who start going on and on about their 2nd amendment rights I wish they would just shut the F up. Not all americans are gun loving idiots!


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