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A few months back I mentioned how my 'friend' of over 20 years had done a pretty shitty thing in deleting of my music.  When that happened, I'm not gonna lie and say i didn't get really pissed. Because I did and yes I went on social media and blasted him and talked alot of shit. I was so pissed that I even told him I wanted to kick his ass. I did however apologize for making the threats. After I did apologize he said everything was cool and he would 'holler' at me at a later date. Well it's been a while since then and I haven't been hollered at. One thing I have noticed is that I'm always the one who ends up getting shit on and then ends up being the bigger person and moving forward. However this time, things are not the same. This friend has been acting strange since January, It was in March when I had mentioned I needed to show him the musicmatch site in person because it is really confusing, and I even stated it more than once that I needed to show him in person, because he was still confused after i did a screenshot recording of me scrolling on musixmatch. Also, even before musixmatch he was suppose to help me with some of my music, 'The Epilogue' he never  showed any interest in it, I had tracks uploaded to drive so he could listen to them and he never gave me any feedback at all. Previously he said he was going to write something for me to go along with the project. That was something that was just never spoke of again. Instead I was thrown under the bus and all my music was deleted and in that time he was now recording music with a new band and was planning on putting out alot of material. 

Since then I had to start my music all over again and rerelease everything. The deleting of everything really made my social media profiles look really unproffesional, posts that wouldn't play the music and posts with unavailable content. Even my profile here on Icon had a bunch of unavailable content. 

After knowing someone as long as this and to have things go like this it's been pretty sad. I know that my threats weren't the nicest. But in my apology I addressed where the anger came from, it also was in the time frame of writing him an email after I just synced all my music, and then everything coming up as unavailable. So I had been working on syncing the music for about 2 weeks, and everything showing up as verified and complete and then in minutes it wasn't showing up anymore. So I was really pissed  and him telling me he deleted everything after the fact. So the whole time i had been telling him about musixmatch and him promising that he would check it out, he never did.  I have all the receipts in my phone that documents this whole ordeal. So i can say that this whole thing blowing up to the mess it became wasn't because of me.  He continually said, he was going to check it out and never did, he even used the word 'promise' which he didn't follow through. So for this friendship to crash and burn like this is not all one me. 


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