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Ticketmaster sux



So I've met a new friend. He's a nice guy. He is a cancer like I am. I've never went out with another cancer before. We hung out and I showed him my Madonna records. He was wowed by the Like a Prayer record and that it smells of pachouli. I might have misspelled that. So I was driving over to visit my friend and I stopped for gas. I wasn't shocked when the machine said 'card declined' I'm glad I had some cash and could put some gas in.  

But anyways I mentioned how much ticketmaster sux, well if they would have had the buy now pay later feature working than I wouldn't have had this happen. My ticket with all the fees was over $230 and it's not alot to some people. But hey i'm going to see madonna, so who cares. lmao, I saw a ticket in my section being sold for over 600 and tickets with obstructed side views for 125, I had obstructed views for MDNA they were practically behind the stage they were awful. So I will be going alone, and i would rather not but i'm still going. 


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