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So today my new single Real Brown Eyes dropped its the first song from my 2nd EP 'Just Luv' 

Since I never planned on being a singer or singing songs. The title of this got lost in the recording process. These songs all were a labor of love and they were poems and sonnets for the man I was in love with. I wrote approximately 4 Shakespearean sonnets using the format and rhyme sceme.

On my first EP 'FEEDER' there was a song called, 'Young Man, Brown Eyes/Animal fries. The version on Feeder has some issues, that should have been titled 'Young Man' also the song is a Shakespearean sonnet but the cut on the EP has some errors, the. In a Shakespearean sonnet the final 2 lines are to be a couplet, my producer accidentally left out the first line of the Couplet in the mixing process.  

The original couplet is:

I wish things didn't go bad.

Now I'm alone and so sad.

So it's gonna be a single by itself and will be titled 'The Real Young Man' which will be the correct version and will truly be in the Shakespearean sonnet format. Because as it is now, i still say the words, 'this is a 'Shakespearean sonnet' at the end. But with that version. It isn't truly a Shakespearean sonnet.  So i feel like a schmuck because if people listen to it then say, that's not a Shakespearean sonnet, they are correct. But the appropriate version will come out. That is why this new song is called 'Real Brown Eyes' because the mixup with the sonnets. So now that I've said that and cleared that up and blogged about it then i don't look like a dumbass!


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