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Really Sad



It's 3 a.m. I'm really sad I've been sad all day well I've been sad my whole life but right now I really really sad I hate it I had my appointment with my psychiatrist today and it was all right but I could tell her that I want off the planet because it's it's too much and I am having difficulties so everything is really hard and I'm really sad and all these thoughts that are not even true are going through my head and freaking me out and I hate it it's life time like right now cuz it's really late and I feel so alone that I want to put my head through a window or something cuz I'm driving me insane and I was crying just a few minutes ago I hate it I hate everything pretty much. Getting dubbed had a really negative impact on me and it has not gotten any easier matter of fact it's getting harder and I'm feeling more sad and that it's just awful it's really awful I want out.


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