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Last last Friday my sister and I went to see xtina at the Hollywood Bowl. It was very cool she sounded amazing. There were some assholes in the crowd that were singing along and trying to sing with her it was annoying but xtina was great

It was the first time we ever took a a park and ride. We went back to carsoj and we were both born in Torrance.

At the end of the night to get back on the bus we had to walk through and between buses that were on it it was like a death trap it was pretty scary.

There was this tunnel on the exit and the roof was maybe 6 feet tall end it was I wanted out it was very bad but xtina was great she had the whole Orchestra. And it was so good one thing I didn't understand was the Hollywood sign you see in the background from the Hollywood Bowl however the lights were not lighting it up so you can see it that's stupid why the f*** wasn't the Hollywood Sign lit up.


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