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So i was on that grinder bullshit a few minutes ago. I go on there to actually chat I'm not trying to get laid. My ho days are long gone.  I  really dislike having a profile. I feel like such a loser. I know it's a big joke to make fun of it but in the whole scheme of it all it's really sad.  I'm  all alone except my cats are here. But  'Latinbooty'  just tapped me and said hello and sent a picture of his ass. Since he said hello before the picture of the ass. U would be shocked  the amount of guys who start the conversation with  an ass pic. 'Hole shots' are the worst.  Since he said hello  and asked how i was doing,  i told him he had a nice ass,  i was just trying to be polite. Then he sent more ass pics. Then the stalkings and garter belts...... i don't like this. Era of my life. It is the shittiest on record.


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