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Message for Madonna



I am not your fan but I enjoy and admire your art. I am not in love with you but I do love you.
I have followed you, through your music, and witnessed your evolution into a beautiful human being that reflects your soul.
You are achieving your life's purpose and doing what you came here to do.
Through your acceptance of yourself and ability to express yourself honesty you continue to evolve.

What is the next stage and what more is there to express? That which I cannot face about myself and that which I do not want to face. My experience of life goes through the same phases as others as the end draws near. I must not loose sight of that.

How much of this message is for you and how much for me? I don't know but maybe we and others may benefit from the expression of my thoughts.
Thank you for everything.
God bless you.


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Good afternoon


i understand that Aaron Mosier was a bus driver for you while on tour a few years back

He passed away suddenly July 31 2019 and he will be very missed

He was a member of Belmont Community church where he sung in the choir at 1119 Belmont Ave Mansfield oh 44906

He often talked about his trips during your tours


we are beginning to raise funds for a new church and wondered if you would be gracious enough to donate to this end in Aaron’s  memory.  We would be most appreciative.


Thank you

Nancy Stevens

567 274 8929

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