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Madonna Auckland presell please help!




Hello fans, I'm so excited that she is coming to NZ! I just got my flight tickets to Auckland for the weekend that her concert is on, I have been a massive fan since I was a little girl, now im 38! and I have never seen her live, so super excited!!!! Can anyone tell me how I can buy my tickets tomorrow? I phoned up the ticket master and and they told me to join the fan club and I will be sent a code, but when reading the fine print, it says you have to already be a member....any help please would be fantastic!!



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So the mods on this board must be useless, I haven't been able to see any forums post.  The last mod that visted the site was 12 days ago.  Some of them haven't even been to the site for a year, why the hell are they still a mod? 

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