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When you have chosen to become aware in life, you do not know ahead what Will cross your path. There has been a periode in my life where i stopped for a moment and asked myself who AM i and what AM i.

As unknowed i was That moment i did not realise how powerfull these questions could be. Because from That moment on i Started walking a new direction. My OWN personel path, my,OWN search in life.


As you start walking you are discovering your true needs. Who and what want you to be? What Will you do in and with your life. In believe and understand that there is a bigger force in life then us.


When you decide to become aware in your life and you discover certain energies, you have to remain on THE ground with your 2 feet. Well.... I have not done iT so i got smacked down hard.

But THE experience i had was truly amazing .... And i can not get iT out of my mind.


I am still learning but as i understand that time is running out ..... IT is time for me to confess.


If you are Reading my blog, do not judge or be hatefull. I am open for own opinions and i am open for criticism as long as it Stays polite.


Looking forward to meet you :)


Rebelboy belgium


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