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    everything that goes around in life and..... madonna !!!
  1. Where is the party !!! I want to free my soul !!!!
  2. It is ooh so quiet .... Are we disconnected ? Is this it ? I feel calm, but no hesitation. Will i leave ? Naahh... i never intend to. I'm on the road tomorrow and guess what i am taking with me ??? HELL yeah..... my rebel heart. I am not leaving without it... .... It is one of the best albums ! I enjoy it so ! Don't you forget, that i always have and always love you and admire you... you are my hero ! Hopefully everyting goes well with the prep of the tour. I'm so excited what and how it will be I wish it was November already... but as time is rushing it will be soon. No certain expectations, .... just let it come alle over me... Sweet dreams and cu !! xxx
  3. That is what i did tonight.... got dressed up and went out. After a good drink, fine food with my cousin i ended a great evening. On the way home, the rebel heart album in the player and full sound and speed towards home. What a great night.!! Alcohol and the rebel heart.... a great combination !! Good night !!! Hold thight !!! Love xxx
  4. There are moments when you think it is going great, and then there are those moments when you pull everything together... When something is going on for 10 years how can you pursuit to stay positive. When you decide to let it go, and put it aside, there is that feeling that is bouncing back and pulls you back. It feels like getting stuck with your life and you have the feeling you are not getting forward. It affects most aspects in my life. The worst thing is getting stuck with mysteries and not getting any answers to a question that is burning for years now. Am i that wrong? If so i have tried to let it go but it is keep coming back. Sometimes i wonder in what kind of stage of evolution were in ? And were is it leading us. Anyway i just have to carry on....
  5. Kevinski


    Hi Paul I can ensure you that there is no intention that madonna is going to retire... I think she will never retire....
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