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Tour 2015 tickets



Hello fellow fans,


I am right in thinking there is no fan sale for tickets this tour?? just the presale through pre-ordering the album?


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exactly! I read about the Live Pass that it is 4 tickets limit per code/week, but no infos on the tickets limit for the Legacy code... This is really important to know because for ex. London and Turin go on sale for Legacy on the same day and time!! How can I find out about this? :(

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Maybe look for contact us link on site and ask via that. I would like to know to if you find out thanks. Think 4 of us I'm buying for but possibly 5. Also if she announces more shows which normally happens. I might want buy more for another show.

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Hi guys! Just a little question...The pre-sale of my town starts 10th of March... So can I get my pass right now or do I have to wait.. I don't really understand the icon live pass because on the website it only talks about the pre-sale that finishes on March 4th. 

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How long do you have to be a member to be consider a legacy member?  I remember being a member when you had to buy yearly memberships to this site for a presale code and now I'm not considered a legacy member even if you I had been on icon for over 5 years???

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