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Do not rules ttno tno and unwanted strangers not.accepted at all



Nyc is a place of.more losers like the ex state.of.boston, low.life trashy ppl of.illegal activity and had.nothing to offer as nyc does, no.such thing as desperate or dysfunctional ppl of nothing to offer of their miserable lives of emptiness, nothing.like.everybody and.do not.accept.trash like nyu job.fair trash, julie trash or platapus trash or eqm trashy anorexia trash, as upper class of age of aquarius limbo as my book and.chart zarahrie created alone.is.hers and.nobody elses. No.such thing as the word alone, be your own best.friend.you dont need nobody.as a.joke.companion is a fake word of needy clingy winey codependent ppl not welcomed ay all, losers whobhave unwanted baggage of bad past relationships whowas dumped.way too many times, no such thingas options, used merchandise, or gray areas....still.working.out 18-43 of ppl who reject me and had the time of their life and.what do they have to offer, nothing used up on other ppl and.boring. No forgiveness to m & l as their sick.cult driven group is sick and needs jail. Victim of 2011 til now, I do not make.no amendments to no one, or listen to others ppl low life opinions.on.their.fake.lives.as.i.reject society, welcome backs, i.bid you fairbwell (means never ever cross my path). Going.back.4.years per year on mybexcel.sheet as lies.in 2011-2012-2013-2014 as i do not believe in intl tradingof.bad investments as seen with low lifes from.2011 til now.being.upper.class. No one.tells.me.what I can or.cant.do, nor do I have to listen to no one as god.is authority. Do not respect ppl.at all, dislike low life trashy ppl of working.class and.hate the q and.h community of cult driven mindsets of brainwashed.ppl of disgusting labels.of trash. Native indian, irish,scottish,english,italian, french canadian, russian, mongolia russian. Not hispanic.or.black. Do not care to learn any languages.as a.waste of time, have zero tolerance.for.others.lifestyles that is.offensive. HR/AR is canceled as i have my inner child for same.dvds, video games, and same.music...hate clubs bars, stupid man made.bogus holidays and.history thatlies.

Slaughter indians for a stupid american flag as i do not believe inbwhat itbstands.in at all, do not.believe in.voting.as the.own.government can go.fukc themselves no respect. There will be no peeps.here in nyc as.i cantstand.any ppl at all, waste.of.time and.bad.energy. 57-58-62-67 and 1 of 5 = 25....,as nobody is good enough for me. Rfl to rjl, rjl is.in the dog.housebas he broke trust.and.needst o kiss my arse, he has no.say at all....no.such thing.as woman hop.skip.and.jump.for no one and.sharing is.never an option.or.opening.up to ppl at all. Work.is.just.work a.do not rule and.do not accept no harassment or.sexual misconduct is nasty. No such thing as being vulnerable its weak. No such thing as trusting strangers canceled and.denied. Boston is.rejected across.the board.in.every.way shapr size.and form.of.lownlife trashy ppl.of dysfunctional qualities. Dr Phil says.past behavior predicts future behavior.


Night night.videos are.accepted.and.dream.world.of.mediation...


Ed.gets.no.reading.til.2017, he cant.advise on lawsuits as.path is.blocked.


Keep karma.doors.where they.are of mlvc rfl rjl and.af.lees dukes.filzows and.buttinski uncles....


Do not need.to prove nothing.to no one, no.such thing.as.being.nice.under no.circumstances as.its a.red.flag.to.have.others walk all.over you, del has died 11-7-2011 all get over it as that person no longer exist. Not doing no fake r program rejected...


Moving.to canada in 2 years as i hate it here and.bored of ny.as too many bad memories. Ppl.who lie to me i am not quitting smoking and do not believe in any medical.attention at all, killer doctors need jail.


Do not believe in fake.credit reports, life insurance, or cars of bad expenses,waste.of time.


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Still e and c and.karma.reversal.still in effect...not recantering.one.thing.....why would.i, 2013-2014-2015 you all had a.chance the ones.to.talk to me and.didnt...lost.out, as it showed what low life.losers they were afraid to step outside their comfort zone because.of their low life trashy cults peeps who control.them.like losers they hang around with.


Its no wonder i am.better.than everybody else, as i do notbwelcome cult.driven groups of any kind, as they bore me and.have nothing.to offer of how they all act/behave and.think alike boring.and.nothing.to offer at all.


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Do not.believe in womans.boo hoo at all, over.nothing with what i have been through as everyone.can keep their trap.shut and i dont apologize to no one at all, ppl.should be.doing.stuff for me, since.i.have.done.nothing.wrong.


Dont care.for.others ppl children as why.wouldni spend my money on someone elses.brat and their dysfunctional past relationship. They can.go.find.other losers, not my.funds or time/energy. Keeping my energy to myself, do not believe in helping nobody out, nobody has done anything.forme.at.all. ppl do what they can but if it was their kin,bet they do things.different...4 yrs too late

late a i dont believe inbsecond.chances.at all, everybodys back.at the.begining unresolved as no.such thing.as.brushing.it.under the rug, liars i.dont believe in at all, a do not.rule.

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