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Picture didnt upload and love to see it snowing in February...found great glasses at lot less of 1.50 for 4.99 of 4 pairs, and selected nyc ones.of.black but.eye glass straps have prints.as.iphone and reading.needed.only....


As original price 36.00

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2-19-2015 seen jack arse of a man i won court on 5-7-2013 set me.off as i went right to housing and.had them copy docs from ex.state of.illegal med.malpractice to grand central and won court....have full.authority over myself as judge ruled in my.favor as.he.tried to use the system against me, reported him to nyc gov, emailed it to peeps.


Have no limitations.except low.life trashy ppl who seem to pull its.our time.to.shine, of.beggers or pan handlers.on mta, not my job.to.cater to them. Robbery and taking advantage of me.is.unacceptable.


Roommate is.not.an empath at all

More like pyscho nice then flips to meaner than a.snake, not.to trust as.far as.i can throw.her. Had me get her 12 stainless steel and then wouldnt pay and had nerve to ask for 12 more, got mad when i asked for the money. Then gets me.up late to cuss me.out at my door entrance. Told her to go away and gave back silverware.




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